Microwaves Are Not Great For Human Health

Over 90% of American households have a microwave, often using them to quickly heat and cook food. Experts, however, are cautioning people against them, saying they can lead to various health problems.

During World War II, a pair of scientists came up with a magnetron; this contained a tube that created microwaves.

The first microwaves, using the magnetrons inside Britain’s radar systems, were used to find Nazi warplanes that were on their way to bomb the British Isles. It was several years later that Percy LeBaron Spencer learned that microwaves were used in cooking food.

It’s the microwave’s alternating currents that force atoms to reverse polarity that causes the water molecules in food to vibrate rapidly, generate friction and heat food up.

The microwave has 2.45 billion Hertz and is considered safe with the door shut. However, scientists say 10 Herts is dangerous to the human body. Therefore, leakage could be extremely dangerous. People are advised to steer clear of the microwave when in use. Potential side effects include but are not limited to:

• Birth defects
• Cancer
• Cataracts
• Depressed immune system
• Reduced resistance to bacterial and viral infections

Hans Hertel is a Swiss scientist who carried out a study that showed microwaved food would lead to nutrient degradation due to the radiation destroying the molecules and lead to harmful radioactive compounds.

The Search for Health published a study in 1992. The study looked at people who ate microwaved vegetables, and the consequences of that consumption included:

• Drop in hemoglobin
• Decrease in white blood cells
• Rise in leukocyte
• Quick rise in cholesterol levels

Scientists saw that even with the microwave door shut, people are still being exposed to the dangerous electromagnetic field levels that get into the body and cause major health problems.

Although microwaves save people time in the kitchen, it really should be avoided when it’s possible.

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