They Turned Their Nose Up When They Saw This Man, Until They Realized Who He Was

It was a cold Sunday morning when members started arriving at the church; snowflakes had just fallen, people were rushing in to get inside. To the warmth, to the dry sanctuary.

As the members were walking in, they were astonished to see a homeless person laying on the sidewalk by the front door. He was bent over all covered up with an old black trench coat, which had many holes in it. His shoes had holes in it, and you could see his socks filthy from months of grime on them. The man had a black hat on that covered his face. His hands are filthy with dirt from probably digging in a garbage can some thought.

As the members made their way into the sanctuary, they were all discussing how this horrible filthy man, had the nerve to sleep at THEIR church doors! Finally, the pianist started playing, and the members all sat down in their seats. They were all looking around, wondering where the Pastor could be. You could hear people whispering, saying, “Pastor Joe is probably telling that homeless man he needs to leave the property.” “What would visitors think if they saw him.”

All of a sudden, you could hear a gasp! The homeless man was walking down the middle of the church aisle, he made his way to the front, and then to the platform!!! When the homeless man got to the microphone. He said, “Good morning, how are you all?” The homeless man was their Pastor Joe! Not a word was said, no one moved all around. Even the pianist stopped playing.

Then Pastor Joe said, “Did any of you see Jesus outside this morning?” “He was cold; He was dirty, His clothes were filthy!” However, no one asked Him into HIS house.”

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