After Her Mom Helped A Bloody Biker, She Gets A Surprise Visit From His Parents

My mom is a doctor, many years ago we were driving to the mall, there was unusual traffic, we noticed a motorbike on the ground and a few feet away there was an unconscious guy lying on the asphalt, no helmet and a lot of blood on the side of his head, his body was all twisted weird, many people around just staring at him.

My mom pulled over, walked up to him and proceeded to assist this guy bleeding from his ear, I didn’t know what my mom was doing, I couldn’t see.

Few minutes have passed and the ambulance arrived, I saw my mom talking briefly to the paramedics and then walking back to the car, we drove off to the mall like nothing happened.

A month later a middle aged couple showed up at our door holding a huge basket full of food and flowers, they were the guy’s parents, somehow they tracked down my mom’s license plate and got our address, they were told that if it wasn’t for my mom the guy wouldn’t have survived the accident, his tongue was obstructing the airway preventing him from breathing, among other things my mom did to help him was to reposition the tongue inside his mouth.

I thought that was cool.

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