Woman Climbs Into X-ray Machine During Security Checks

Have you ever worried your belongings might be stolen when you go through security checks? This passenger in China certainly did.

A woman insisted that she climb into an X-ray machine with her handbag at a train station because she feared it might be stolen otherwise.

Security staff was shocked to see the silhouette of a woman as they monitored the X-ray screens.

woman climbs X-ray machine

An X-ray image shows the woman in China kneeling on the conveyor belt, still in her high heels

The bizarre incident occurred on February 11 at a train station in Dongguan, southern China’s Guangdong Province, according to Pear Video.

Extraordinary images show the female passenger, still wearing her high-heeled shoes, kneeling down on the conveyor belt behind her belongings as they went through the check.

Pear Video’s footage also shows the woman climbing down from the X-ray machine afterward.

woman climbs X-ray machine

The passenger (circled) climbs out of the machine after going through the X-ray check

woman climbs X-ray machine

She checks her handbag after personally going through the X-ray machine to ensure its safety

She then checked her handbag and a suitcase before leaving the checkpoint.

The incident happened as millions of Chinese people pack their bags to go home for the upcoming Lunar New Year, which falls on February 16.

The Lunar New Year travel rush, dubbed the largest annual human migration, began on February 1 across China.

Around the nation, some 390 million people are expected to travel by train in a 40-day period.

A total of 2.98 billion trips would be made by the 1.4 billion Chinese citizens by train, bus, and air during the epic holiday season, according to China Central Television Station.

woman climbs X-ray machine

The incident occurred during China’s epic Lunar New Year travel rush as millions are travelling

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