Man Convinces Road Rage Moron To Put Away His Knife And Then Makes Him Pay

Road rage is something that can happen to the best of us from time to time whenever we’re traveling somewhere, but there are reasonable limits as to what people will put up with. If you’re upset because traffic is backed up and you start blaring your horn at the car directly ahead then they’ll probably get a little peeved and flip you off, but that’s generally the extent of it. Every once in a while things can escalate further into a physical altercation, but no one should ever pull out a weapon over it. Period. It makes no sense to escalate things to the point where death is a probability of something as stupid as a dumb move while driving.

I would say someone should tell that to the guy recorded in the video below, but the man he pulled a knife on already did it with his fists! Apparently, there was an issue on the road involving a short, older man and a much larger middle-aged man that caused the two to pull over to confront one another, at which point the older guy pulls out a knife. The larger guy backs off and does his best to talk the other man down, which he successfully managed to do. After the old guy put the knife back in his car the larger guy let his own rage show for a glorious, justice-filled minute!

There’s never a reason to purposefully take someone else’s life, even if they’re not going as fast as you’d like. Luckily this situation ended the way it did and not with someone in the hospital with multiple lacerations, but it’s not the type of thing I’m crossing my fingers to see again.


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