Man Hired A Homeless Cleaning Lady He Was Happy To Help

I hired a cleaning person from Craigslist. By her voice, I could tell she was in a bad spot. I hired her, she is living in a motel with her daughter and only got to my place by traveling with a cool dude who lives in his car.

She showed up, and I could tell she had been a drug addict in the past. Her daughter aged 25, came in to help with the cleaning. They did a decent job, but I felt so bad for them that I paid double than any other cleaner I’ve had before. We had Chinese take out together and relaxed on the couches watching the news while waiting for their ride to come and pick them up.

The daughter told me she lived in foster care most of her childhood, and never even got her GED. Their rude friend who was living in his car was welcome to come and eat with us and take a shower. I just can’t believe how lucky I was to grow up with loving and sober parents. Even if my life wasn’t all roses, sweet and charming. I still kinda feel very blessed, and even if I don’t give to charities, I can help out in a selfish kind of charity.

Because I don’t like to clean. I like to sit around and play on the internet and drink beer and go to work. A job that I could only have because of the support of my Mother and late Father. The things you take for granted someone else is praying for.

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