Teenage Girl Is Relieved After Taking Pregnancy Test

As I was walking into the pharmacy, passing the “Your mother chose life!” sign, I was nervous. My rural college town is not the place for a disheveled young girl to be buying a pregnancy test.

I found the cheapest one. I was too nervous to walk all the way to the front – I knew too many people. I quietly asked if I could pay for this, never say the name of the item, at the pharmacy. They said yes.

Inside my head, I was hoping that the young, hip, fresh-out-of-college lady would help me. Maybe she wouldn’t judge me quite as harshly. Instead, the oldest lady in the pharmacy came over.

I was ready to be treated harshly as I scrambled for the change to pay for the too expensive test. As I slid my card, it declined. Shit. I still owed $4. I wanted to tell her that I was responsible! I’m on birth control!

What came next is not what I was expecting. She gave me a kind smile and told me that it was okay. She would cover it. There was no judgment here.

I ran to the bathroom and went thru the actions.

Thank God it was negative. I wish I had had the courage to go back and thank her.

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