Married Teacher Is Arrested After ‘Sending Male Student, 14, Nudes’

A married middle school science teacher has been arrested for allegedly conducting a sexual relationship with a 14-year-old male student.

Stephanie Peterson, 26, was arrested on Wednesday morning in New Smyrna, Florida after the boy allegedly confided in his parents.

The 8th grader told them that Peterson, whose married name is Ferri, picked him up occasionally from their home at 11 pm and often spent hours with him in private afterward.

He also said that she sent him nude photographs of herself and that she had bought him marijuana and a ‘bowl to smoke it’.

Stephanie Peterson

Stephanie Peterson, 26, has been arrested for an alleged sexual relationship with a male student who is 14


Stephanie Peterson

The 26-year-old is pictured in her mugshot on Wednesday, February 28. She is facing one count of lewd and lascivious behavior and one count of transmission of harmful materials to a minor

The boy is said to have told his parents that the relationship made his grades suffer.

Peterson was booked into county jail on a charge of lewd or lascivious battery and one count of transmitting harmful materials to a child.

Volusia County Sheriff’s Office announced the arrest on Facebook.

Its investigators alleged that the relationship between Peterson and the boy began in November.

It is not clear if he is one of her students.

Stephanie Peterson

Peterson is pictured with her firefighter husband Brandon, 31

She resigned from her job on Monday, a day before she was arrested.

According to the boy, Peterson told him he could not tell anyone about their relationship when they were together alone.

Peterson and her firefighter husband Brandon have been married since 2015 and do not have any children.

They both deleted their social media profiles as news of her arrest emerged.

Peterson was booked into county jail on a $25,000 bond.

Stephanie Peterson

The teenage boy told his parents the teacher told him not to speak about their relationship to anyone

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