Elderly Woman Did Not Have Enough To Purchase Dinner When This Man Helped Her Out

So, I walked into a Walmart today to find some Greek God yogurt, the honey variety and I stopped at the deli. A lady was waiting there. She looked to be an impoverished little elderly black woman (I am not being classist, or ageist or sexist or racist here, I just like to visually paint pictures) anyway; she said she had been waiting for 45 minutes and no one would wait on her.

When they finally did, she asked the price of an egg roll and the fried wontons. It was evident she didn’t have much. Finally, in frustration, she said, “Forget it,” and started to leave. That just felt so wrong.

I called out, “Stop, stop, you can’t leave, come back here. Pick your dinner out. I’ll buy it.” It came to a mere $7.50 or so. The thought of someone walking home hungry, feeling broke and mistreated just felt so wrong.

I told her that I had just sold a book and the meal was no big deal. She asked about the book, and I told her about my friend, Darryl’s cancer and how it was important to get it done to honor what a gift he is to me and how much I love him. She said that her husband had cancer. We walked out, and I grabbed her a copy of the book and signed it for her. She said she had a book she was working on. She hugged me and said, “I love you.” For a mere $7.50 I got an “I love you,” from a stranger. Best $7.50 I have spent in a long time.

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