Elderly Gentleman Helps Young Boy Who Was Being Bullied

“I was waiting for my daily coffee at a Dunkin’ Donuts inside a gas station that I frequent, when I saw a young boy. I knew this boy definitely should have been in school as it was the middle of the morning, but I did not know what to say. As I observed him walk around the gas station, just kind of meandering, an elderly man walked in and started talking to him. I could overhear this man ask the child why he wasn’t in school. The child responded that ‘he had been getting bullied a lot because he acts differently than most kids’, so he walked out and down the street to this gas station. The older gentleman then told the child to pick his favorite donut out and they sat at a table near me as I read my paper.

As it turns out, the man’s wife had just passed away and he never had his own kids. Before his wife passed, he told the boy they often traveled around the area volunteering at schools and shelters. I could hear the man say that he felt like he was sent there to help the boy, because he normally never stops for coffee, but for some reason decided to today.

After the boy finished his donut, the gentleman let the boy use his phone to call his mom. The man waited with the boy until his mom came to pick him up, and then he just continued on his way. He wouldn’t take any money or even leave a name, because he felt like he was sent there to protect that child, which he did. All the man wanted was for the boy and his mom to say a prayer for his late wife.”

bullying victim

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