Woman Kindly Offers Homeless Man Some Pizza

Actor Richard Gere has starred in legendary films such as “Chicago” and “Pretty Woman.” He is currently playing as a homeless man in the gritty film “Time Out Of Mind” when he made a shocking discovery. He is easily worth over $100 million, but when he realized how some of our nation’s homeless live, he was brought to tears.

Gere was “getting into character” by walking the streets of New York. While he was rummaging through a trash can, a kindhearted woman walked up to him and gave him some food. She had no idea that the man was Gere, to her, he was a hungry homeless man.

After they were done filming the scene, Gere posted his thoughts about the unforgettable experience of being a homeless person. Here he was, a famous actor, and all he had to do was look homeless, and people didn’t pay any attention to him.

The sad fact is, more than 3.5 million people are homeless and living on the streets in America.

Richard Gere’s touching Facebook post is below:

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