Everyone Should Know These 3 Truths About C-Section Mothers

Being a parent is the hardest job on earth. And being a mother comes with many responsibilities, efforts, sacrifices, and rewards.

Child birth takes a huge amount of courage and strength, and a C-section birth is not exception.

Here are 3 truths that only women who have had a C-section know:

1. Surgical Intervention Requires Bravery
Many people believe that a Caesarean section is a mild procedure, But while the surgery has become common among expectant mothers in recent decades, it’s still considered to be a major surgery. And, like other types of major surgeries, C-sections also carry risks for both mother and child.

Additionally, due to the invasiveness of the procedure, it makes it trickier for the future father or family members to be present in the operating room during the birth — leaving expectant mother’s alone, full of uncertainty, and without the possibility of receiving support.

2. They Don’t Know If Everything Went OK Until They Leave The Operating Room
As is the case with every surgery, doctors can’t determine the success of the operation until the anesthesia has worn off. Additionally, the mother is conscious during a C-section — while she does not feel pain, she does feel all the movement that occurs inside her. It is an unpleasant, invasive feeling, and, if you do not know what to expect, it can be traumatic. Even so, mother’s got through it with their heads held high because they know their reward is just minutes away.

3. They Take On Post-Cesarean Recovery As A True Heroine
When a child is born, the mother’s life revolves around them from that point forward. And most, rush to meet all of the demands of the baby without a second thought. This requires a go with the flow disposition, and the ability to coordinate logistics on the fly. AND, they’re not only adjusting to their new addition BUT, doing it with all the post-op pain as well.

This makes mothers even stronger by forcing them to develop a higher pain threshold and develop an inner strength that is only compared to the strength of another mother.

No matter how hard it is, they do it with a smile and with all the love in the world. Because every sleepless minute, every diaper change, every smile, every bout of tears…..becomes so worth it when you hold that little hold, feel their breath, and smell that wonderful newborn baby smell.

We applaud each and every one of these mothers who is marked with a scar that allows them to never forget what they are made of. So, dear mothers, carry that beautiful mark with pride. Do not hide it, do not disguise it, because not every woman has that privilege.

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