Scientists Claim Chocolate And Red Wine Are An Important Part Of Your Diet

A recent study produced by King’s College London, has shown that chocolate and red wine help us keep fit and healthy.

chocolate and red wine

The key to success is not the traditional calorie counting, but millions of bacteria that live in our gastrointestinal tract and feed on the same things we do. Some bacteria help us digest food and metabolise useful vitamins and minerals, whilst others can have a negative effect on the workings of the stomach. Therefore we must help the useful ones to live and thrive by eating the kinds of food they like.

And what they like is cheese, other dairy products, nuts, and vegetable oil. They loathe fat and sugar, which are all but poison to them. Still, the good bacteria adore chocolate and red wine.

All these different kinds of food contain things called polyphenols that help protect our immune system. The more polyphenols we consume, the easier it is for the organism to metabolise vitamins and micro-elements, and consequently the fitter we get — and that’s all without strict diets and gruelling workouts!

Tim Spector, the lead researcher, monitored two twins for a long period of time: one of them had been fighting excess weight his whole life, and the other one was in perfect shape, despite seeming to do nothing to achieve this. Spector is positive that the only difference between them is in their intestinal microflora.

To sum it all up, eat more cheese, yogurt, and nuts, and less junk food. And you may also treat yourself to red wine and chocolate — now scientists approve!

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