Mother Takes Son With Down Syndrome Shopping At Sam’s Club, Has Unforgettable Encounter With Staff…

April Jones Rouse was shopping at her local Sam’s Club with her 6-year-old son, Carter. The cashier was having fun with April’s son, and when the manager heard the loud horseplay, he decided to step in.

The North Carolina mom was so surprised by what happened. Next, she posted it on social media, and it went viral!

April’s son Carter has Down Syndrome and has a few special needs, but that does not mean he is not a regular kid.  Carter was in the mood to goof around while they were shopping at Sam’s Club.

Even though Carter had fun shopping with mom, April was eager to check out and get home. When she spotted a friendly cashier, April went to her with her 6-year-old boy full of energy!

“We see this cashier standing in the aisle, and she smiled. So when we are ready to check out, we go to her.”

Cashier Jalessa Waddell saw how Carter’s eyes lit up with excitement every time she scanned. She decided to let the adorable boy come to her side of the counter and ring up the rest of the items!

“This sweet cashier at Sams Club in Wilmington took time with our boy today & let him scan every single item we had! Then this happened.”

The cashier was so sweet to her son, and when the manager showed up she never expected this.

down syndrome

When Store Manager Mike Russo saw how much fun Carter was having, he decided to do something extra special for the boy. That is when he brought Carter to his office.  Then he outfitted Carter with an official Sam’s Club blue vest uniform and even made a name tag for him to wear. Carter was now an honorary employee of Sams Club.

“Mike, the store manager took Carter upstairs to the office made him a badge & gave him a vest. Made Carter’s day & ours too!”

down syndrome

April appreciated everything that the Sam’s Club employees did for her and Carter that day. She shared photos on social media and told everyone about their wonderful experience. Carter decided to express his thanks, and the happy boy planted a sweet kiss right on the side of Mike’s cheek!

down syndrome

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