Rid Your System Of Toxins With This DIY Foot Detox Cleanse

Because you are constantly on your feet walking, running, working, cooking, taking a shower, etc. they are the hardest working parts of your body.

While a pedicure or foot massage is relaxing, your feet soak up the stress of the day.Since human feet get bruised so easily and are always moving, it’s important to flush out the toxins and stresses regularly. Epsom salt is one way to do this, but so is Bentonite Clay.

What Is Bentonite Clay?

This is unique clay that causes an electrical charge when wet. When it comes into contact with fluid, the electrical components will change and give it the power to soak in toxins. Experts call it a swelling clay and it works like an extremely porous sponge. The toxins are soaked into the sponge via the electrical charge.

DIY Foot Detox


· Epsom salt

· Bentonite clay

· Apple cider vinegar

· Bucket/tub

· Natural bristle brush

· Essential oils

· Hot water


· Mix 1/2 c. of Epsom salt into the water. While you can use a sink insert or tub, a bucket works quite well.

· Allow the Epsom salt to dissolve into the water.

· Add 2 tbs. of bentonite clay into a bowl.

· Add 1 tbs. of apple cider vinegar as well.

· Add a little more water to thin it out (only if necessary).

· Put your feet in for 10 minutes for the mixture to dry.

· Once dried, put your feet into the tub. The clay will begin dissolving, and the effects of the Epsom salt should take hold. Do this for 15 minutes.

· Use a natural brush to scrub your feet gently.

· Pat dry your feet.

Yes, it’s that easy to give your feet the relaxation they are screaming for and eliminate the nasty toxins in your body. Do this on a regular basis, and you’re going to see the benefits within no time.

If you see these colors in the water this is what they mean:

detox cleanse

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