The Real Meaning Behind The Stickers You See On Pieces Of Fruit

When you are shopping for fruit, you may have noticed those little stickers you find on them. There is a digital PLU code (or Price Look-Up Code). It turns out that fruit producers are not only trying to advertise, they’re also providing consumer information.

Here is how to understand what these numbers mean and the secrets they contain.

A four-digit code beginning with the number 3 or 4
fruit stickers

If there are four numbers on the sticker, then it means the fruit (or vegetable) was produced with the help of modern agronomic techniques. They have used abundant amounts of fertilizer and pesticides.

A five-digit code beginning with the number 8
fruit stickers

This sticker is to indicate the fruit has been genetically modified as part of the growing process. This is the GMO food.  GMO foods are continuing to cause controversy. Research shows that melons, bananas, and papayas are the types of fruit that are genetically modified the most often.

A five-digit code beginning with the number 9
fruit stickers

This code means the fruit was grown using the old farming methods of our ancestors: with their own hands and without any chemicals. These are organic products.

If the fruit has no PLU code
fruit stickers

If you find fruit without stickers, it could actually be dangerous: fruit that’s imported from abroad should always be labeled in this way. If there isn’t a label, the chances are it’s been removed for a specific reason, one that isn’t likely to be to your advantage as a consumer.

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