Homeless Elderly Man Was Treated So Kindly By Patrons Of This Restaurant

An old, homeless man came into a restaurant and ordered a Coke. He only had enough for that and a tip, but another LITTLE customer wouldn’t let him leave hungry…

“This homeless man just walked into Roosters, sat down and ordered a Coke. The waitress asked if he wanted anything to eat, and he said ‘sorry I have money for only a coke and a dollar tip for you.’ Before the waitress could jump in and offer him food on her, a little boy from a nearby table came and sat down.

He talked to the old guy, asked him how he was. Then grabbed the menu and said ‘I have money. So pick something to eat and I will buy it for you.’ The man refused cause he didn’t want to seem helpless. That’s when the server jumped in and also said ‘sir I will buy you anything you want as well.

‘They both pleaded to the man for 5 minutes before he agreed to get a small order of wings. The point? America that we know and love isn’t dead. There is still positiveness and kindness in this world.”


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