She Rescued A Tiny Kitten From The Rain And Spent Her Whole Paycheck To Save Her

“We were sitting in the house one rainy Tuesday evening a couple of weeks ago when we heard him crying. I followed the sound, and he was in a bush, shaking and wet. I called to him, and at first all I saw was the tall grass moving as he walked towards me… had no idea what kind of creature was about to emerge.

I scooped him up immediately and put him on my skin because he was so cold. No mom cat anywhere. Brought him in, my boyfriend immediately fell in love and said: “I need this animal.” And he certainly seemed to need us!

We got him warm but then shortly after he became hypoglycemic from what we can only assume was malnourishment. 3 days at the emergency animal hospital saved his life! ($$$) We visited him every day after work. We are now nursing him the rest of the way back to health at home, and he is getting stronger every day! The vets really didn’t think he would make it!

He is our little miracle and what my boyfriend and I are calling the start of our family :)”

kitten rescue


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