She Accused Him Of Stealing Her Money When He Returned Her Lost Wallet

He called her to return her purse from the lost and found of the store he worked at…but he was shocked when she turned against him and did this.

I was the night shift manager at a store and one night I was working by myself when a customer walks up and hands me a woman’s wallet, says he found it on the ground.

I peeked inside it to find and ID/membership card so I could look up her account/phone number. Sure enough, she had been in the store about 30 minutes earlier so I gave her a call. She seemed pleased on the phone and said she would be right in.

Store policy for something like that was to lock the item in the safe until the customer arrives. I did so and went about my business. About an hour later the woman comes in and asks for her wallet. I tell her it’s going to be 15 minutes as the safe was timed and ask her to wait. This was apparently unacceptable and she asked if I could get it faster than that. Told her no and continued helping other customers while she waited.

On the safe beeped I grabbed her wallet and hand it to her, I had to put the line of customers on hold while I did this because I wanted her out of the store ASAP since she had spent the last 15 minutes fuming and standing right next to my register.

As soon as I hand her the wallet she says “my money better be in here “I explained that I honestly had no idea as I didn’t open it all the way as her membership card was on an outer flap. (This was one of those large female wallets that was more like a mini purse with lots of flaps and zippers and such.)

After handing it to her I asked for the next customer in line to step up and basically tried ignoring her. She starts screaming “My money is gone you stole my money “which really surprised me as she was a pretty normal looking soccer mom type. I ask the customer I’m helping to wait for a second and explain to her the way the wallet was handed to me and reiterated that I had not personally opened the wallet any further than the first flap.

She starts screaming again saying there were over 200 dollars in it and that she was calling the police. I shrug and tell her to go ahead. At this point, I’m completely satisfied to ignore her. She walks to the back of the store and whips out her cell phone. I continue helping the line as customers are looking back at the woman as she is loudly calling the police. Most of the customers are like “what a rude woman” etc. I just shrug and smile.
After the line was cleared the lady comes back to the register and tells me, with a super smug look, the police are on the way. ‘Ok.”I say and give her an “I don’t care “shrug and ignore her while checking in movies. About an hour later a cop finally enters the store (she waited right next to my register the entire time) and she starts waving at him and pointing at me at the same time.

I see the cop and roll my eyes and shake my head. He asks her to repeat her story and as she’s repeating I he’s almost completely ignoring her and watching the football game that we have playing on our DirectTV kiosk. After she gets done he looks at me, rolls his eyes, and asks “did you take the money?”

“Of course not, “I say. I’m sorry there’s nothing we can do maám” the cop says and leaves the store. As he leaves he holds the door for her and tells her to leave if her business is complete.

I smiled super big, like Cheshire cat big, and told her to have a super day as she left.

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