Woman Posted This Online After A State Trooper Risked His Life On The Highway

A state trooper was 3 cars in front of me on 95N when he suddenly put on his blue lights and veered his car horizontally in front of three lanes of traffic (all going 70+ mph). He jumped out, holding up his hands for cars to stop, my heart stopped because I was convinced he was going to be run over.

Everyone slammed on their brakes just feet away. Right in front of him was a MassDOT worker, who was stuck, frantically trying to cross the highway carrying away large pieces of sheet metal that had fallen into the lane. The trooper stood in the middle of the highway until the worker got safely across three lanes…

I don’t really care what you believe in or don’t believe in, but all I know is this trooper will likely never be thanked for what he did today, his family will never hear about it, nor will it ever make the news.

officer kind act

Officers like this put their lives on the line in order to protect others every day. As she accurately put it, you won’t see this in the news – thankfully, the photo was shared thousands of times on social media by those who appreciate the officer’s actions. Let’s keep it going.

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