His Abusive Boss Was Fired For Overreacting

I didn’t get fired but. . . . In my late teens, I worked as a dishwasher at a local steakhouse. I performed my opening duties and went about my dishwashing responsibilities.

Another co-worker called out sick, so I was asked to complete their opening duties as well. I happily did as this is not out of the norm. The front of house manager said I didn’t do a well enough job in the bathrooms, so I cleaned them again.

He approached me a second time, progressively more angry, and pointed out a few water spots on the faucet and the mirror. I again cleaned the bathrooms and went about my day. He approached me a third time like his head would explode, grabbed a fist full of my apron/t-shirt, pushed me up against the dishwasher and started yelling at me.

He proceeded to tell me that I did a horrible job that I was lazy. My apron hit the floor, I smacked him in the face with my hat and told him I quit!

No sooner than I got home, the General Manager called me to inform me that the front of house manager had been fired and that if I came back, he would give me a raise!

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