Toddler Excited After Receiving Vegetables For Christmas

Christmas is a time when little children get excited to see what presents Santa has left them under the tree. Their favorite toy usually tops the list. However, when this one little boy opened his presents, he got the surprise of his life!

Mason Reese is a different little boy. He becomes excited after receiving broccoli, a banana and a courgette under the Christmas tree.

vegetables for Christmas

Adorable footage has emerged showing the moment mini Mason Reese becomes really excited after receiving vegetables for Christmas

The three-year-old can barely hide his excitement when he begins removing tissue paper from a bag of gifts at home in Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania, USA.

When he opens his first present he finds a head of broccoli and exclaims ‘look, broccoli’ before taking a small bite.

Mason then ecstatically pulls out the rest of the fruit and vegetables as well as a toothbrush, which he appears to be equally pleased about.

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