Spend More Time With Your Parents & They Will Live Longer

Scientists from the University of California have recently found how to prolong the lives of our parents. The reason turned out to be extremely simple. Loneliness plays a key role in accelerating the aging process and associated mortality. Scientists observed 1,600 elderly people with an average age of 71.

Factors such as health and socioeconomic status weren’t considered, just loneliness.  After 6 years of research, only 14% of elderly people who where constantly visited by their relative, died, compared to 23% of the participants without family visitors.

The older people are, the more importance they give to relationships with their family. Children and grandchildren require less communication with the older generation.

Older people are more tolerant to the drawbacks of their friends and relatives and they’re always ready to share their experience and wisdom with young people.

We ask for advice from our parents and grandparents, or just need their hugs. It’s important to remember how much time they have and how much they need our care and attention. Only a couple of hours a week, a phone call a day and you’ll increase their chances of living a long and happy life.

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