Sleeping Naked: 7 Scientific Reasons To Wear Your Birthday Suit To Bed

Do you sleep naked?

If you answered “yes”, you fall into a small group of people willing to admit it. In fact, a measly 8 percent of Americans openly admit to letting it all hang out in their slumber.

EIGHT percent.

We can infer two things from that statistic:

There are a lot of shy folks in America.

Most people don’t know the incredible benefits that can come from sleeping nude.

Luckily for you, we do. So without further adieu….

Here are 7 benefits to sleeping in your birthday suit

You’ll Rest Easy

Your body temperature has to drop half a degree in order for you to fall into a sound sleep – a task made much more difficult on your body if you’re wearing a flannel nightie. So, why not let your body tackle its nighttime temperature without interference?

You’ll Air Out “Downstairs”

Leaving underwear or other tight material over your private parts at night can provide a breeding ground for bacteria and could even give you a yeast infection. Let it breathe!

Your Partner Will Like It

Even if you feel insecure about your body, we promise your partner won’t complain. Sleeping naked promotes extra intimacy and the skin-to-skin contact strengthens any relationship!

You Wake Up Easier In The Morning

When you sleep without pj’s, you wake up cleaner (due to the aforementioned bacteria).
Plus, it makes it easier to get cracking on your morning routine, since you don’t have the extra mental barrier of disrobing.

You’ll Drop A Dress Size

Sleeping in a cool environment is more restful and gives your metabolism a kick to amp up weight loss during the night and day!

You’ll Be More Comfortable

How many times have you woken up in the night, fidgety and irritable because of a too-tight cuff, or itchy tag? It’s hard enough to get comfortable with all your sheets and pillows without having to contend with PJs too. Make like Frozen and “Let It Go”.

You’ll Have A Morning Glow

It’s hard to say exactly why, but people who sleep in the buff tend to look better the next day.

It’s probably a combination of factors, including the good night sleep you’re getting, the improved cleanliness, and fact that sleeping in the nude makes it easier to shed dead skin and hair, and replenish your body’s moisturizing oils as you sleep.


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