Teen Babysitter Sends Her Mom A Terrifying Text From The Bathroom

A teen who was babysitting her four-year-old niece hid in the bathroom when a burglar broke into the home and looted it.

Montclair police said Savannah Jones, 14, heard someone knocking on the door. Instead of opening it right away, she decided to look through the peephole. Jones told police a man was standing there and she immediately felt suspicious.

She said while she stood at the door, she saw the doorknob start to move.

Locked in the bathroom with her niece, she texted her mother to get help. While texting, she heard a loud bang – the suspect had kicked in the home’s front door – and was now pillaging the home to steal belongings.

According to police, he actually came into the master bedroom where the girls had taken refuge in the bathroom.

Jones said she stared at the door, hopeful the burglar wouldn’t try opening it.

After the man ransacked the home, he left without knowing both girls were in the home. Officers were quick to respond but could not find the suspect.

Jones is trying to process her emotions with her family, saying relief that he didn’t find them and scared because he’s still in the world.

According to police, the suspect was black and bald. He was wearing jeans and a dark-colored sweatshirt.


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