The Ten Show-Off Sex Positions To Impress Your Partner

Out to impress a new lover or want to revamp a routine sex life?

These show-offs, ultra-ambitious sex positions will have you boasting to your friends and scoring big brownie points with your lover.

Hang onto your headboard because you won’t be trying these after a pint down the pub!

Tracey Cox sex positions

Whether you are trying to impress a new partner or hoping to try something new in the bedroom, Tracey Cox reveals the top ten ‘show off’ sex positions

It’s satisfyingly show-off but relatively simple – and will help you send each other into overdrive.

She lies back and pulls her knees up to her chin. He kneels in front and penetrates, holding onto the front of her calves to hold them together and for balance. She can hold onto his upper thighs to help provide leverage.

It’s super deep penetration so make sure it’s not a ‘sensitive cervix’ day (don’t laugh, it really can be influenced by what time of the month it is!).

It’s a raw, primitive position which tends to lead to quick orgasms, hopefully for both of you!

Her legs are together which means a tighter, shallower vaginal canal; he’s thrusting straight down instead of at an angle which directly hits her front vaginal wall.

It’s hard work on your legs and you both may feel the need to stretch them out at some point – switch to this one when you’re both toppling on the edge of orgasm or use it as an exotic appetizer.


Here she performs an erotic dance for his penis.

She lies face up and brings her knees up to her chin. He kneels in front and penetrates, she then straightens her legs and rests them on one shoulder, pulling one leg back so it’s bent at the knee.

She holds onto the back of his thighs and he grips hers for balance then she ‘dances’: alternating her leg position frequently throughout.

Tracey Cox sex positions

The ‘edgy’ position sees you and your partner take to the sofa in a very saucy balancing act

Her vagina is shortened so it’s a tight fit for him and as she alternates the position of her legs, it alters the angle to massage his penis with a unique rolling sensation.

He looks strong and manly – and has a great view of her breasts.

Classic wheelbarrow

This is the position most new-to-sex men want to attempt: it’s a porn favorite and looks Tarzanish but achievable.

She leans face down on an appropriate height piece of furniture, resting her weight on her forearms. He kneels behind her, penetrates, then stands (straining every step of the way), pulling her up with him. She stretches her legs out once they’re in position.

It looks like thrusting would be effortless in this position, the truth is, it’s not.

This one’s doable but save if for just-about-to rather than I-could-go-on-forever occasions.


He slouches back on the sofa, she sits on his lap, then carefully leans backward, hands on his calves and feet on the sofa by his side.

This is a Kama Sutra pose: you’re both supposed to meditate on life, love, and lust rather than thrust once in position.

It feels precarious – and it is. The trick to her not falling to the floor is him keeping his thighs firmly in place, positioned underneath her hips.

Get too overexcited, let them fall apart and you have… well, let’s hope an unhappy girlfriend or wife is all you have to cope with!

Tracey Cox sex positions

Tracey admits that the ‘frenzy’ requires a more athletic lover


Now we’re talking!

This is one of those positions which makes us all go ‘Wow!’ and feel envious of those athletic types who are so fit and flexible, the handstand is their equivalent of our missionary.

Even if you end up in a heap on the floor, it’s worth a laugh.

Step one: Start with her flat on the floor, her bottom raised and feet in line with her hips. She then brings her hands up to her ears, turning them so her fingertips point downwards.

Step two: She arches her back, lifting her hips in the air and dropping her head back. He supports her as she arches, kneeling on one leg and holding her upper thighs and/or hips.

Step three: He stands up s-l-o-w-ly, still holding on tight, moving his hands to support her lower back. She’s now completely upside down but while it looks like she’s supporting her own weight, he’s taking most of the strain and her hands are more for stability.

Step four: He completely straightens up and she crosses her feet behind his back at bottom height.

The payoff? It’s perfect positioning to hit her G-spot. Whether you’ve both got the stamina to actually reach a climax in the ‘handstand’ remains to be seen!

Hang Ten

Step one: He kneels at her feet, she sits on his lap and you both get as close as possible, him relishing the feel of her breasts squashed between you and both luxuriating in the feel of skin-on-skin.

Step two: She pulls back and raises herself slightly to allow him to penetrate. Again, it’s not cheating to use your hands to guide him in!

Revert back to the same position you adopted in step one, except this time he’s inside. No thrusting at this point, instead she contracts and releases her pelvic floor muscles.

Step three: He stands as she holds on tight, keeping his knees bent. He then carefully lowers her, so she’s sitting as low as possible while still maintaining penetration.

It’s hard to do much more than simply bash against each other once there but she can ‘milk’ him by repetitively squeezing her pelvic floor muscles.

If you fancy finishing with some good old-fashioned vigorous thrusting, it’s relatively easy for him to plonk her down on an appropriate height piece of furniture.

Giddy up

Inspired by horse riding, he lies on his back and draws his knees up, parting his thighs.

She wiggles between them, using her hand to help insert his penis, then leans forward, using her knees to move up and down on his penis, ‘riding’ him like he’s a horse.

Putting a hard cushion under his shoulders can make this easier.

Sexy Scissors

This is a great position: it looks impressive but is also incredibly appealing if you’re both feeling knackered.

Lie with heads at opposite ends, open your thighs and move into a scissor position before penetrating. It’s perfect for her to stimulate her own clitoris as he’s penetrating and the scissoring of legs provides pressure on both your perineum.


It’s a bit of a carnal challenge but for fast, urgent, spontaneous sex you can’t go past it!

She leans against a wall, lifting one leg to help him penetrate and he stands between her thighs and holds her underneath her bottom with his hand, supporting her raised leg.

She leans into the wall for stability and to allow him to thrust away with abandon. The higher she lifts her leg on his thigh, the deeper the penetration.


You need to be strong, supple and yoga fit to last longer than a few minutes for this one. But big points for trying!

Step one: It starts off simply enough: he sits with straight legs and penetrates as she climbs on top.

Step two: As he holds onto her waist, supporting her, she leans back, taking her weight on her hands. She then puts (and leaves) one foot on the floor and rests the other leg on his shoulder.

Step three: In the final move, he lets her go so she’s totally supporting her own weight and moves his hands into a mirror position. Keeping both feet on the ground, he pushes up on his arms and thrusts his hips upwards to create movement.

It’s a novel sensation and you’ll both feel terribly smug for a bit, having managed it.

Then your arms hurt. Then you notice your belly jiggling. Then you collapse, quickly moving into an old favorite to finish the job.

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