Rude Man Tried To Buy 10 Signed Books To Sell On Ebay When Customers Stopped Him

I was at my local bookstore on Black Friday, and they had a bunch of books autographed by different authors. I really wanted a signed copy of Bruce Dickinson’s new autobiography, so I was the very first person in line. The woman behind me wanted a signed copy of Neil Gaiman’s new book. (They only had 10 copies.) She had driven over 3 hours to get one of these books. So as soon as the doors open I run over to get my book, but right on my heels is a little old man who runs over to the Neil Gaiman books and grabs all 10 of them.

The woman who came all this was clearly upset, so I went over to the guy and half-jokingly said “You know those are all copies of the same book” He scoffs at me and says “Stupid kid, you have no idea how much these sell for on eBay.” I just got more irritated and said “I know what these are worth, this is my nicer way of saying you are being greedy.” He just looked shocked anyone called him out. An employee came over and informed him that it was only one signed book per a customer. He eventually stomps off with one copy of the book and the woman got her copy. I was interested in getting another signed book by a different author and asked if I could get multiple copies as long as they were different books.

He just laughs and says, “Oh there wasn’t actually a limit. I just didn’t want him to get all those books.”

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