Mom Posts This Very Personal Story To Help Save Others

My son is Brayden Travis, and he is 18 years old! Most people on here know him or know of him. You’re about to learn something very personal about him, but it serves as purpose as you read!

My son is an addict and has struggled with drugs since he was 15 years old. My son’s first choice of drug was marijuana, which in time led to other drugs. The ultimate dead end road drug for my son was heroin, as is for a lot of teens/adults. He used last Wednesday at some point in the night and overdosed from a very deadly cocktail of heroin & Xanax. Heroin alone will kill you, as well as Xanax. He laid for at least 7 hours or longer before he received medical attention due to no one calling 911, possibly in fear of suspected consequences. Medical personnel believes my son should have been dead long before he was able to get the medical attention he needed, but for some unknown reason, he has stabilized. His lungs and kidneys had failed, and his heart was functioning at 10-20%. His body temperature was 90 degrees and was very cold to the touch. Brayden ended up with severe pneumonia from aspirating. I was told by two doctors he wouldn’t make it through the night. Brayden has pulled through all of it besides the damage to his brain? While overdosing and in nonresponsive state, Brayden suffered a stroke. He has experienced severe damage to the Hippocampus and Cerebellum parts of his brain.

Neurologists tell me he will never wake up and if he does, he will remain in a vegetative state. It’s been exactly one week since Brayden has overdosed. He is making progress, but we have a long road to travel. Even though the outcome is not expected to be positive, as a mother I will not give up until I have exhausted all options and know that I’ve done everything I can. Although I’m not, nor will be prepared to, I now I will need to let him go and send him on his way if we receive no results once all of our efforts have been exhausted. Miracles happen every day, and my son is a fighter and very strong.

I share this with each of you in hopes that you won’t feel pity or be offended, but rather share and get these pictures in front of your teenagers. Don’t be scared to share the horrific outcome of what most likely will happen when using heroin! It’s not the only drug that will kill you either.

PLEASE! PLEASE!……if my son’s story and picture can save one life or contribute to the education and awareness of drug abuse, then he and I are very happy! He wouldn’t want this for anyone else, and he would tell anyone not to use drugs…ever! I can tell you he tried to fight this addiction and I pray this time it hasn’t won!

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