When A Man Berates A Bagger With Down Syndrome, Her Response Shuts Him Up Completely

I’m a school teacher, and some of the students I teach are kids with special needs.

I was in line at my local grocery store, which has a policy of hiring anyone, including those with special needs. The young man bagging our groceries had Down’s Syndrome. He did his job well, but apparently not well enough for some douche of a man to start berating him in public. This jerk called him a “retard” and kept trying to incite everyone else in line to complain about how slow he was being (the kid wasn’t slow, and was simply bagging groceries at the rate every other employee was.)

I decided to speak up.

Me: How would you feel if that was your son or your daughter? He’s a person, the same as you and I. He has feelings.

Douche: Yeah but they have places for retarded people who shouldn’t be working here.

Me: Yeah? And they should have places for people like you, that are rude and insensitive and cruel. When it’s time for you to meet your maker, I hope he remembers how you treated other people here on Earth.

Me: I’m a school teacher. Everybody deserves an education. Everybody deserves a job. Everybody deserves a chance in this life. And you should be ashamed of yourself.

Douche: Don’t judge me.

Me: What do you think you’ve been doing to this young man?

He didn’t say a word to me after that. Other people in the line heard what I said and showed their disapproval of his actions and told him to be ashamed of himself.

We have to stand up for those unable to stand up for themselves. Share this if you agree.

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