She Was So Grateful When Her Phone is Found In The Store

I had lost my iPhone on 6/20 and tried to call with no luck. Hoping that someone would answer so they could return to me. But knowing with only 10% battery, it would soon be gone forever. Thinking about losing my firstborn baby’s pictures that I had on my phone and her videos of her, literally broke my heart. I tried to check with Kroger again on 6/22 to see if anyone had turned in my phone. Even though that was probably me being very naïve, I mean who would turn in my iPhone?! But I still in the back of my mind had hope. To my surprise, they said they do have a couple of phones!!! After work, I rushed in and there it was! The gentleman “George” had found it and kept it for me!

He’s such a wonderful person. I wanted to reward him with his good deed, but he refuses to accept.. he said a thank you from me was enough. I was in totally shocked and felt I absolutely wanted to do something for him. So I called Kroger corporate to let them know they have a wonderful employee and hope he will receive some recognition that he deserves. I’m very thankful for George! I’ve had a bad experience in the past and had people steal my stuff right in front of my nose; it was hard for me to be optimistic about the world. Shout out to the Amazing George! His heart is pure.

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