Police Officer Posts This Online After A Woman Approached Him To Pray

This lady saw me parked at a City park this morning and decided to stop. She exited her vehicle with her two children and approached me as I was seated in my patrol car. She simply stated that she wanted to pray for me. Specifically for my safety.

prayer for officer

I expressed my gratitude the best I could, but she really has no idea how much that meant to me. Her little boy handed me a wilted flower that looked as if it had been in his pocket for a week. At the moment, it was the most beautiful flower I’d ever seen.

My prayer is that sharing this encounter will encourage many to give people a chance, regardless of race or profession. You simply cannot judge an entire group of people because of the actions of some. Don’t hate the evil more then you love good.

This woman not only made a cop’s day by paying her respects to a uniformed officer, but she also taught her children the value of respect and kindness.

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