Stephanie Gosk Recalls Her Traumatic Bike Accident

On shows like Today and Nightly News, Stephanie Gosk has established herself as a reliable source for news. Stephanie, who is based in New York City, is a familiar face on NBC, and she has a devoted following of admirers who value her openness, personality, and support for the LGBTQ community.

stephanie gosk

Although Stephanie had previously kept her injuries hidden, she recently revealed that she had been involved in a truly horrifying incident. Are you all right? What’s going on with Stephanie? To learn more, keep reading.

What happened to Stephanie Gosk?

The bike accident in New Jersey was terrifying for Stephanie Gosk. In an essay for Today, the correspondent described the accident in great detail and discussed what she learned from it.

During the pandemic of COVID-19, Stephanie started cycling as a hobby. “Biking felt like a form of rebellion,” she said, “with the world on lockdown.”

Before joining the New York Cycle Club, Stephanie toured New Jersey and Connecticut. This happened to Stephanie on a ride in March 2022, when she hit a pothole and was thrown from her bike.

“A pothole grabbed the front wheel and slammed the bike, with me still on it, to the ground as I sped down a hill. I slipped and fell on the ice. My head slammed into something hard, and my mouth drooled “She explains.

stephanie gosk

After that, Stephanie continued by saying that “In a New Jersey suburb, the car lost control and went down in front of a house. Fortunately, the owners witnessed the incident and called the police. An ambulance and police officers from Tenafly arrived quickly.”

How is Stephanie after the bike accident?

She said, “The scene was gloomy.” “My face and hands were a complete mess. Several cracks were visible in my helmet, which had been damaged in two places. You can expect a casual tone from a physician who sees a lot of bikers like you during the biking season: “Your helmet looks like this, so your head doesn’t have to,” he told me.”

There were “nine stitches above my left eye, three stitches in my left hand, and surgery for my thumb because I tore a ligament,” Stephanie said.

Stephanie, on the other hand, was upbeat about her health. When it comes to her life, she says, “What matters most is not what happened to me.” “I was fortunate enough not to injure myself. Nothing happened to my teeth. No concussion occurred. There you have it. The helmet did its job well.”

stephanie gosk

But despite the trauma of the incident, Stephanie is confident she will be able to ride her bike again soon, especially after recovering it “in remarkably good shape” from the Tenafly police station. Getting back on that bike was about as likely as her mastering sourdough, she mused.