Police Officer Was Stunned To A Woman Without Shoes. What He Did Next Is Heartwarming

Today while shopping at the mall, a police officer walked in with a young lady that had no shoes on. I asked the officer if he was buying her a pair of shoes and he said yes. So we decided to offer another pair of shoes for her. She started crying and told us that she was homeless and hadn’t had shoes in over 2 months.

It was clear she was telling the truth. Between us and the police officer, she walked out of Payless with 2 pairs of shoes a pack of socks and a scarf since the weather is getting cold (the amazing Payless cashier heard us helping her and talked to the manager, and they gave us a 30% discount) thank you Payless for the extra love. The officer told her to meet her at the mall parking lot tomorrow at the same time so he can give her a bag of clothes that the department has.

She was so thankful she couldn’t stop crying. So thankful we could help her and so glad the police officer on duty took time out of his day to go to the mall with her and buy her things we take such granted for. So thankful our city is filled with helpful police officers. I won’t say the officer’s name because I didn’t ask him if I could. This just proves that all cops aren’t bad. Help it go viral to prove not all police officers are the same!

officer kindness

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