Teacher Faces 40 Years In Jail For Grooming Students To Have Sex For Good Grades

Yokasta M, 40, groomed teenage boys at an undisclosed school in Medellin, Colombia to have sex with her in order to get good grades.  The Colombian teacher forced high-school students to have sex and threatened to fail them if they did not sleep with her.

The married 40-year-old teacher was caught after a student told his parents, and in addition to a divorce, is now facing 40 years in jail.

teacher forcing students into sex

Predator: Yokasta M. would approach teenage boys in class at a school and ask for their phone number to ‘help them with their studies’

The incidents took place between January and April 2016 when the teacher approached her students aged 16 and 17 on social media or asked for their phone numbers in class to ‘help with their studies.’

She used WhatsApp messenger to send explicit images and proposals to her students.

There were dozens of photos sent to the teenagers show Yokasta M. posing in underwear or a bikini, and sometimes only covering her modesty with her hands or fluffy toys.

teacher forcing students into sex

Grooming: If the students did not comply and sleep with her, she would threaten to fail them. Yokasta M was not caught for months, and neither parents nor school knew of her abuse until a father found images on his son’s mobile phone

teacher forcing students into sex

Crime spree: The incidents took place in Medellin, Colombia between January and April 2016

She then invited the teenage boys to her flat where she made them engage in sex acts by telling them that she would fail them if they refused. The married 40-year-old’s cover was finally blown when one of the father’s of one of her victims checked his son’s mobile phone.

Once she was arrested, one of her students posted some of the images she had sent them online. The images were captioned: ‘This is the teacher Yokasta, who tells us that she disapproves of us if we do not have relations with her. ‘

The story went viral across South America, with reactions varying from outrage to jokes that the teenagers were ‘probably not complaining.’

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