Compassionate “Tin Man” Collected Cans For His Disabled Neighbor

This is a story of a man who works in a big factory. I have seen him for years, but I never pay any attention to him. He was a little bit weird, I think. A little bit short. A little bit dirty. He always wore an old red hat, and he always carried a rubbish bag. He usually spent his break time and his lunchtime by walking around in that old big factory to collect the unused tins scattered around the place.

I have been following him for years and years. Does not matter it is hot or cold. I followed him whenever he walks to his old pick up in very cold weather when the snow fell down onto the earth.

I saw him there, with a lot of rubbish bags, which were full of aluminum tins. He threw them into the back of his car then he got into the car. After that, I got into my car as well, and we were raced until we reach the exit door of this wide, empty parking area.

Today, I was fixing one of the broken machines in the factory when this “tin man” came with his bag. As usual, he picked up the tins, which were around the place. My manager was standing there to watch me. He was worried about the delay caused by the machine that could affect the production in the factory.

When I finished my job, I heard my manager asked the tin “tin man” about what he’s gonna do with those tins that he has collected. I never even thought about this kind of question, because I always had an assumption that this “tin man” would destroy those tins in the recycle place.

Unexpectedly, this “tin man” answered, “I will give these tins to my neighbor, he had epilepsy, and he cannot work.”

I was so shocked to hear that, so I asked him, “You mean you collect all those tins just to help your neighbor?”

“I know this does not help much,” he said. “But I give everything to him because he can not work. He had a lot of weaknesses.”

Right in that factory, I found myself was slapped in front of Jesus. This “tin man” who only wore a T-shirt and an old red hat and carried a rubbish bag, which was full of the aluminum tins, but he has made an evident in Christ.

It was the most beautiful moment in my life, which had made me humble every day in my lifetime.

“Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. The lord does not look at the things man looks at. Man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.”

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