84-Year-Old Grandmother Fired From Greeter Position By Walmart For Picking Dollar Up Off The Floor

Frankie Ruffino, 84, of Texas worked as a greeter at a Walmart in Brenham for nearly a decade when she was fired from her job as a greeter.

“I found a dollar bill on the floor, just one dollar bill,” Ruffino said, adding that she discovered the single bill lying in the aisle.

Ruffino picked up the bill and put it on her walker before she went home that night.

The next day her managers asked to see her.

The manager asked: “‘Did you find some money yesterday?’ I said ‘yes, I picked up a dollar bill, here it is right there,’” said Ruffino.

“She said, ‘I need your badge and your vest,’” the grandmother said. “‘You have been let go because of your integrity.’”

“I said, ‘How am I going to push my walker and walk myself outside,’” said Ruffino. “I needed the job to take care of myself.”

Ruffino, said she relies on her Walmart job to pay for her medication and the oxygen tanks she requires. She has worked for over 70 years.

She claimed that in her nearly 10 years of service to Walmart, she has a spotless record.

“I was hired as a greeter, which is what I wanted to be,” Ruffino told the news outlet. “I gave it my all, that’s all I can say, never came late.”

Walmart refused to respond to a request for comment saying the store does not comment on personnel matters.

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