Argentina Fires On Chinese Boat Illegally Fishing In Its Waters

Argentina’s coast guard said it fired on a Chinese boat illegally fishing in its waters before embarking on an almost eight-hour chase to capture it.

Nobody was reportedly injured and no fishermen were detained.

In a statement on Friday, the Argentine Naval Prefecture said its officers fired shots at the Jing Yuan 626 after the vessel was caught illegally fishing in the country’s exclusive economic zone.

The Chinese embassy in Argentina did not immediately provide a statement about the incident, which occurred Thursday after four other vessels also flying under a Chinese flag attempted to ram into coast guard boats.

argentina navy vs chinese boat

A soldier fires at the Chinese fishing boat named Jing Yuan 626 in Argentine waters on Thursday

A decision was then made to ‘carry out machine-gun and cannon fire’ and impede the vessel’s ability to navigate, the coast guard said.

In video footage released on Saturday, an Argentine maritime officer can be heard warning the Jing Yuan 626 before it is fired upon.

‘You’re responsible for the safety of your crew and your ship. You are about to receive direct fire on the bow part of your ship,’ the officer says via radio.

He then says: ‘Bow, command bridge. Are we ready? Okay, free fire one shot to the boat’s bow over the waterline.’

The vessel managed to escape after the foreign ministry called off the operation following a nearly eight-hour chase.

Fishing boats have been involved in various incidents within Argentina’s 200-nautical mile exclusive economic zone in the past.

In 2016, a Chinese fishing vessel with 32 crew members aboard was reportedly sunk by Argentine authorities after it attempted to flee to international waters.

Earlier this month, the coast guard detained a Spanish ship carrying more than 705,000 pounds of fish caught illegally.

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