He Saw A Dog Dying In A Hot Car. What He Did Next Was Genius.

I saw a dog lying in a 100+ degree car one day with the window opened just a few inches, the police wouldn’t come out, and I was running out of time, so instead of busting out the guys windows and facing possible criminal charges, I went into the garage, grabbed my shop vac, stuck it in my car with the AC on full blast and stuck the hose on the discharge port and shoved it into the guys car window.

It turns out the guys ran into his dad’s house and found him stroking out on the kitchen floor, called the EMT and his freaked out panicked stage he rode in the ambulance to the hospital and forgot about his buddy sitting in his truck.

When he finally came back, (within an hour), He broke down in tears when he saw my rig running and his dog wagging his tail inside his vehicle. All ended well with dog and dad, and to this day the guy and I (and the dog ) are all good friends.
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