After Woman Is Ridiculed By A Waitress, Her Boyfriend’s Retaliation Is Perfect

(I am a female. I weigh 165 pounds. A lot of the weight is around my stomach, so I have a muffin top while the rest of body looks skinny. I have always felt uncomfortable with my weight, but have trouble losing it. One day, while my boyfriend and I are out on a date and stop small mom and pop restaurant for launch. He orders a cheeseburger and a large Sprite. I order a beef burrito and a Diet Coke. This is what happens when or order comes)

Waitress: A cheeseburger and a Sprite for the handsome gentleman. And a bowl of lettuce and a child’s water for the fat chick.

(We stare at the waitress in astonishment.)

Me: *trying to keep myself together* Ma’am, I ordered a beef burrito and a Diet Coke.

Waitress: I know, but you’re fat enough already. You don’t need to gain any more weight. What I got you will help you lose all that fat. You’ll thank me in the long run. *walks off*

(Before I can say or do anything, my boyfriend has left our table and is following the waitress)

Boyfriend: I want to speak to whoever is in charge. You do not go around treating people like that.

Waitress: Honey, that thing you’re with is not a person. It’s a gluten demon and must be dealt with accordingly. But to entertain you I will get the owner.

(Five minutes later, the owner comes out and over to our table. We begin to explain the situation, but are cut off.)

Owner: *looks at me* You do not talk, fatso. *looks at my boyfriend* I will speak to you. Now, what’s this I hear about a wrong order?

(I’m starting to cry and bury my face to hide the stream of tears.)

Boyfriend: *now seething* You have insulted my girlfriend, because of her weight.She is not fat. She is a human being. She has feelings just like every person on this planet.

Owner: Sir we are Christian establishment and will not stand for that kind of language. Now be a good Christian gentleman and cast this demon out of here.

(Note: neither of us is Christian.)

Boyfriend: *starts laughing despite his anger*

(The owner and everyone around is now confused.)

Waitress: What are you laughing at? Cast this thing out already.

Boyfriend: *stands up, grabs my hand and looks the owner in the eye* I guess I’ll be casting myself out as well. Since I am also a demon.

Owner: *completely baffled* How are you a demon? You’re a perfect Christian. You’re not overweight.

(My boyfriend stands me up, wipes away my tears and gives me a kiss on the lips. We then walk toward the door.)

Boyfriend: *as we exit* You will be hearing from my lawyer.

(Three months later the restaurant was closed down, and it’s space was put up for lease. After my boyfriend called his lawyer, word spread about what transpired, and several people came forward about the terrible treatment they received at the restaurant due to their size or religious beliefs.)

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