She Never Put Herself First After Her Husband Left Her With Four Kids

My mom is a total badass. Here’s why – when she was 8 months pregnant with me, my dad told her that (1) he was having an affair with someone 8 years younger and (2) he wanted a divorce. They had four kids together (counting me), and my mom didn’t work and had never finished college due to having his kids, so she really had no way of supporting herself or us. My dad literally moved out and left before I was even born, and went on to get married and divorced another three times and just generally be a completely selfish human being for the rest of his life. I’m sure my mom cried and felt sorry for herself for a hot minute, but she basically said, “Welp, that sucks!” and started kicking ass at life.

She immediately applied for food stamps so she could feed us (we were only on them for 6 months as she found work and got back on her feet, which is exactly how welfare programs should be used), worked two full-time jobs for the next 20+ years to support us, came home every night exhausted but still helped us with our science projects, homework, etc., and was just in general an amazing person and role model despite the bad hand she got dealt.

She never dated the entire time we were growing up because it’s really hard to find a guy who wants to settle down with a single mother of four. (She’s now remarried and happily in love, so that part ends well.) There were a lot of ups and downs but now all three of my brothers and I are successful, independent, and happy, and it’s 100% because of my mother.

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