He Was Stunned When A Rude Woman Threw A Homeless Man Out Of The Restaurant

A man had been begging for change outside my friend’s Subway. I was there the whole time just helping out with financing plans and stuff. He comes in with barely enough money to get a 6″ sub and a bottle of water. He didn’t look druggy or alcoholic or anything really bad. He sat down and started to eat, and he wasn’t ravishing it down but eating quite civilized. A crazy woman came and yelled at the poor man to get out, and she doesn’t want her kids exposed to this.

The kids were trying to get her to shut up, mind you. She then takes his sub, with barely a few bites taken out of it, and throws it towards the door. She says “Go outside where you belong.” The man runs to his sub and picks it up, about to eat it. I got up and stopped him. My friend came beside me and told the woman to leave his Subway. We gave the man a free meal, and he told us of how his daughter kicked him out of his own house, and she had illegally possessed it.

Whether or not the man is lying, I didn’t know. But I let him stay in the guest bedroom. I’m a lawyer, although very new at it. We (me and my friend) are going to try and win this man his house back. In the days he’s been here, he hasn’t done anything bad. He has great manners, and he’s very nice. In fact, he cooks my meals before I get home as ‘a token of thanks’.

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