Hairdresser’s Kind Gesture For Little Boy With Autism

Jennifer McCafferty’s 4-year-old son Isaiah Terrell has autism. Some individuals with autism are have social skills are barely distinguishable from others. But others, have difficulty interacting with others, tolerating noises and need a bigger personal space zone than others.

Jennifer decided Isaiah needed a haircut, but dreaded taking her young son to get a hair cut.  Having styling tools and a stylist’s hands near his ears bothers Isaiah, and the noise the clippers make can agitate him greatly.

They decided to try a new stylist and little did Jennifer know that this visit was one that she would never forget. They went into a Sports Clips near Charleston, West Virginia, and met an angel:

Isaiah climbed into the chair and realized what was about to happen, and immediately began screaming and became upset. But Kaylen paid no attention to Isaiah’s screams, instead, she paid attention to his expressions to see just what Isaiah needed from her. Jennifer posted on Facebook that Kaylen worked a miracle that day.

“She sat on the floor with my baby in her lap, and she cut his hair. They talked about Dory and Christmas, and she even let him spray her with her water bottle.”

Jennifer was astounded at how Kaylen was able to give Isaiah the haircut he needed, but did so at his pace. Jennifer wrote that Kaylen “did more for my heart than she will probably ever realize.”

“I was ready to give up, but she wasn’t. Autism can be so very, very hard, but people like this make our days just a little easier.”

The post went viral and Kaylen even saw it. She responded to Jennifer’s comments that Isaiah “made her heart smile.”

“You are so lucky to have such a wonderful little boy. This whole experience has been so humbling and heartwarming. I never knew what impact just doing my job could have on someone. Thank you for letting me cut his hair.”

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