When Dad’s Card Was Declined, The Cashier Paid For A Meal With His Daughter

I was a 16-year-old, working for minimum wage at the Jesus Chicken Restaurant. A man and his daughter came in, and she was in a gymnastics uniform. They order, and she starts telling me how excited she was for she was in an out of town competition and that Dad and she were trying to visit every chicken restaurant in the town.

Their total was only $16, but his card was declined. He pulled out a second, but it declined too. She looks disappointed, and he tells me to cancel the order, but it was only $16, so I run to the back and grab my own card and run it through.

They get their food, and he lingers behind to thank me and tells me that he’s going through a divorce and they probably wouldn’t have gotten to continue their tradition If I hadn’t stepped in. I felt good doing that for someone without expecting anything in return, but to my surprise right at closing that night my manager comes to the back and says someone is asking for me. The guy came back and gave me $30 and thanked me for making his daughter’s day.

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