She Gave A Single Dad Money So He Could Take His Children Home

I was 25, newly separated, and overwhelmed as a single father of 2 kids, both under 4. I was at a local mall with my kids. I would take them to the playground area.

My daughter just spilled a drink all over her. I was out of back up clothes, so now I’m stuck. I only have enough money for the kids to eat lunch and to take a cab home, and it’s raining so we can’t walk. So I make the only choice I can, spend cab money on a cheap outfit to comfort my daughter, and get them some lunch. I figured I’d work something out eventually.

So we are at Chick-Fil-A, and at the next table, there is an older woman eating. I am trying to call people for help but not let the kids know I’m struggling while they eat. As she gets up to leave hands me a napkin, said I think you dropped this and heads to the door. On the napkin was a note that read “A cab will be here in 10 minutes for you. It’s already paid for.” And wrapped inside was two $100 dollar bills.

No clue why she did it, have no idea who she was, I guess she just saw me struggling and wanted to help.

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