Helping A Struggling Single Mom With Three Young Children

I was newly divorced with 3 young kids. I was working at a burger place but didn’t have a car. I had to walk everywhere, with my kids (because I didn’t have any family to watch them and their dad, my ex, lived 2 states away with his new wife.) Luckily, we lived in a small town, and everything was in walking distance (30 – 45 minutes or less).

Every day, about the same time, a man would come through the drive through and order the same thing: 2 large diet cokes, half ice. He’d always be in a different car, so I thought he owned one of the car lots near the small town.

One day, the lady that usually drove him came to get his order without him. I asked her if he had any cheap cars for sale. She looked at me funny, and I told her my story. She told me that he didn’t own any of the car lots, he just had a lot of different cars.

A few days later, his secretary came to talk to me. She said he wanted to help me. He paid off the tickets I had and couldn’t afford to pay. Then, he paid to reinstate my license. Then, he bought me a 2-year-old car and paid for the taxes, plates, registration, and 6 months of insurance.

Later, after I’d moved out of the slump I’d been living in, he had his secretary check on me and gave me $1,000 to buy my kids Christmas gift. Then, he tracked me down and gave me $500 to spend on myself.

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