TikToker Julia Grandoni Blows Minds by Exposing Real Face

As a result of a glamorous influencer’s startling lack of makeup, social media watchdogs are calling her a “catfish.”

“Your mom’s favorite TikToker” Julia Grandoni has jumped on the viral trend of posting before and after selfies with their makeup on.

It was a photo of the Quebec woman in a tight black dress and perfectly coiffed hair that went viral on social media. With a video of herself laughing and mouthing the lyrics to “Girl That’s Not Me,” she completed the outfit.

Almost 13 million people have seen the now-viral video, which was posted on March 21 and has 1.9 million likes as of Wednesday night. Grandoni says she spends two hours on each of the makeup transformations featured in the video compilation above. Astonishment or disbelief are the most common reactions to Grandoni’s witchcraft.

One user wrote, “I’ll never date again” in response.

‘It’s gotta’ be illegal,’ said another.

@jugrandoni #greenscreen ♬ 444 – jah

“This is why guys need to take girls swimming before committing to a relationship,” someone else said.

Julia Grandoni

According to one viewer, “This is why I have trust issues, and now I’m afraid to meet women.” Another user commented, “My makeup doesn’t do that,” while still another user referred to her as a “shape shifter.”

Julia Grandoni

It was interesting to hear from others who had firsthand knowledge of chameleons in the wild. “I see the point. My neighbor once knocked on my door and demanded to speak with my “sister.” One person wrote, “She was used to seeing me all glammed up, not all nerd.”

“I’m a fan of the fact that you don’t wear any makeup!” Another user commented, “We need to normalize that natural beauty is also beautiful.”

“That happened to me a few years ago,” said someone else. A repairman in the house noticed a picture of me on the mantle and inquired as to who it was. This is me! I said so!

For whatever reason, Grandoni told NeedToKnow.online that she made the video to show that, despite the public’s perception, she is happy with who she is. Since she was first spotted by The Post last month, her fame as the “#1 catfish” has only grown.

Julia Grandoni

According to Grandoni, a rising social media star who has not revealed her true age but is thought to be in her mid-30s, “the reaction was pretty good at the beginning, but later on, people started to think different how I’m just some catfish.”

“The angle I used at the end of my video was total over-exaggerated and it was to perceive that I am ugly IN BIG but other than that it doesn’t take much for me to look the way I usually do – I usually never wear makeup.”