Chinese Weather Girl Hasn’t Aged A Day Over 22 Years

A Chinese TV presenter has become an internet sensation as she hasn’t seemed to age a day despite having been on screen for more than two decades.

Yang Dan, a weather girl from China’s state broadcaster, looks no different today than her 22-year-old self in her first show in 1996.

Incredibly youthful Ms. Yang, who is now 44 years old, has been hailed as an ‘ageless goddess’ after a compilation video of her was shared online by the China Central Television Station.

Yang Dan weather girl

Fresh out of college: Yang Dan is pictured hosting one of her first shows at the Chinese station

Yang Dan weather girl

Graceful today: More than two decades on, the presenter still appears as youthful as before

Yang Dan weather girl

Then and now: Ms. Yang is pictured hosting her show in 1997 (left) and posing for a promotional picture in 2015. The weather girl has been hailed as an ‘ageless goddess’ on social media

The video was posted onto Weibo, the Chinese equivalent to Twitter, by the weather programme in order to mark the International Women’s Day yesterday.

It shows Ms. Yang’s age-defying looks over 22 years since 1996 when John Major was the Prime Minister of UK, Bill Clinton was the US President and internet was still a strange thing.

The weather programme wrote in the post: ‘Many web users have grown up watching her show. They marveled why they have grown older but she hasn’t.

‘What’s more? It appears she is younger and younger.’

Yang Dan weather girl

Flash back: A 25-year-old Ms Yang forecasts the weather on China Central Television Station

Yang Dan weather girl

How does she do it? Web users have been stunned by the fact that she hasn’t aged

Yang Dan weather girl

Age-defying: The weather show commented online ‘it appears she is younger and younger’

So far, under the original post, stunned viewers have left more than 20,600 comments to express their amazement.

One commentator, who appears to be Ms. Yang’s long-term fan, wrote: ‘I can’t believe she has accompanied us for so many years. Even two decades haven’t left any traces on her face. She is still the girl next door.’

Another use said: ‘Her first and last look are the most beautiful, and there should be 20 years in between.’

A third viewer joked: ‘Did they record all the weather forecasts in one day?’

According to Chinese government’s website, Ms. Yang was born in November 1973.

She graduated from Beijing Broadcasting Institute in 1995 and has worked for China Central Television Station’s weather show since 1996.

She hosts two weather shows at China Central Television Station and the weather programme at China National Radio, according to China’s Huafeng Meteorological Media Group.

Yang Dan weather girl

Ms Yang graduated from Beijing Broadcasting Institute in 1995 and has been a presenter since

Yang Dan weather girl

She hosts two weather shows at China Central Television Station and one show on the radio

Yang Dan weather girl

Ms. Yang has become the latest internet sensation in China because of her youthful looks

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