Is Zendaya Pregnant? Let’s Look Into This

Is Zendaya Pregnant? Zendaya and Tom Holland, her co-star in Spider-Man: No Way Home, are rumored to be dating. They’ve been seen kissing since July 2021, and the rest, as they say, is history.

The first anniversary of their union has us wondering: Are they starting to think about the future together? Have they discussed the future?

is zendaya pregnant

According to recent internet rumors, they may have just become parents. Speculation about Zendaya’s pregnancy with Tom’s child has been circulating. Is this the case? Let’s look into this.

Is Zendaya Pregnant?

Thanks to social media, you wouldn’t believe how quickly a single post can go viral. Unfortunately, it appears to be a fan-made TikTok video rather than a reputable source like Zendaya, but it’s still gaining traction. When Zendaya and her friends announced that she was pregnant, they tagged Tom Holland in the video’s description.

@sqxvs still can’t believe i’m cryin’ 😭 #zendaya #tomholland #tomdaya #tomdayaedit #trending #fyp #pregnant ♬ original sound – Emil

However, when you go to Zendaya’s Instagram page, you’ll see that the ultrasound photos used in the video are all fakes created by the video’s creators.

But wait, there’s more. A video of Kris Jenner dancing with the caption “Sike!” appears at the end of this shaky TikTok. So you’ve been Krissed, my dear! “I know you’re shocked, but please forward this to someone so they can be Krissed.”

Confused? There is a Zendaya video that we’ll explain in the next section, but for now, let’s break it down.

Even though many people were unaware of what “you just got Krissed” meant and started spreading the word about Zendaya’s pregnancy on Twitter. Even the term “Zendaya Pregnant” became popular at one point.

“You just got Krissed,” said the explanation.

People are currently posting videos of Kris Jenner dancing to “Lady Marmalade” while wearing a glittery green outfit on TikTok to spread rumors about anything and everything.

Is there any significance to this brief and unscripted video of the reality star/momager? What does this mean? You “just got Krissed” or “you just got tricked” if you’re watching it. Duped. Hoaxed. Bamboozled.

is zendaya pregnant

Kylie and Kendall Jenner’s YouTube channel was the source of the video featured in the “Krissed” portion of this new trend, which is a modern-day version of the Rick Rolling trend.

So, what’s the deal with the “Krissed” craze right now? I’m stumped. If you’re watching it, we can assure you that everything you’ve just seen, heard, or learned is a lie.

On the other hand, the Zendaya pregnancy rumors are entirely false.

is zendaya pregnant

According to Zendaya, those rumors are completely false. As she explained in her Instagram Story post, “See now, this is why I don’t use Twitter,” she added, “Just making stuff up for no reason… weekly.”