If You Start Your Day With A Bowl Of Oatmeal, Expect These Things To Happen…

Dietitians and nutritionists agree that a healthy and nutritional breakfast is a great start to your day.

Oatmeal for breakfast has numerous health benefits.  Oatmeal has been eaten for more than two centuries and is used not only as food but also as a natural remedy. It is efficient in fighting intestinal, uterine, nerve and bad skin problems. Oatmeal can also act as a potent antioxidant, because of it is richness in proteins.  It is also great for obesity prevention, reduces fat, helps with gout issues and more. Overall, it is nothing short of an energy booster.

Oatmeal offers a broad palette of health benefits, and these are some of the most significant ones:

Boosts the immune system

Acts as an energy booster

Reduces the risk of various cardiovascular diseases

Controls the level of blood sugar

Great in breast cancer prevention

Lowers the level of bad cholesterol

It’s gluten-free

Whole grain oatmeal prevents asthma in stages of childhood.

If you consume oatmeal on a regular basis, you may prolong your longevity

There are several different types of oats:

Old-fashioned: These oats are flat-shaped. After steaming, they are usually rolled.

Oat groats: These oats are unflattened. They are used for breakfast and stuffing.

Oat bran: These contain oats only in an outer layer.

Steel-cut: Here, the grain goes through steel blades, and next, it’s sliced. Their texture is chewy and dense.

Quick-cooking: These are processed as the old-fashioned ones. They are cut finely before the rolling.

Instant Oatmeal: These grains are primarily cooked, and rolled to be very thin.

You should always choose the least processed versions as possible.

You can mix oats with yogurt, milk, make smoothies and shakes, desserts like cookies, muffins, etc. You can check out our healthy cookie dough dip for an idea right along this line.

Oats are great for meals if you use them as a refined wheat replacement.

Try to use them as an alternative to many different processed grains, and enjoy its fantastic healthy properties!


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