If You Have Been Storing Bakeware In Your Oven Drawer, You Are Doing It Wrong…

Ovens are probably the most important kitchen appliance. There are variations, but for the most part they are all pretty much the same.

Almost every oven has that one drawer underneath where most people store pots, pans, cookie sheets, BBQ tools, and whatever else will fit. Did you know that drawer isn’t meant for storage at all?

oven drawer

In most ovens, that drawer is actually a warming drawer. It’s intent is a storage space for food you’ve already prepared while you make the rest of the meal. It’s a great place to keep the mashed potatoes nice and toasty while the turkey finishes cooking. Or maybe keep the hors d’oeuvres warm for a dinner party you want to make ahead.

These drawers have humidity controls so your food won’t dry out while it sits there. Plus, it’s a great place for warming up bread!

oven drawer

You should know that you can’t actually COOK in this warming drawer. Of course, you can still use the oven drawer for storage.

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